Whether you are large or small, we take your business just as seriously as you do.

Berliner Creative draws on many disciplines, including brand strategy, brand identity creation, brand communication systems development, logo design, writers, photographers, videographers, web designers and developers, and social media specialists.

We craft tailored communications and design solutions that meet the specific business goals of our clients. Our projects are managed by a nucleus of senior professionals with extensive experience developing some of the world’s premier brands who work with clients to facilitate and meet their branding needs and objectives.

At the core of Berliner Creative’s approach is our focus on the brand’s role in creating tangible, sustainable value for our clients.

Our Brand Experience Management process begins by aligning the expressions of a brand with the client’s business strategy and goals. Brand Experience Management is our holistic 360º approach to leveraging a company’s most valuable asset—its brand—across the many touch-points a company has with its internal and external audiences.

From sales to customer service to distribution to investor relations, Brand Experience Management ensures that a company’s promise to its customers, potential customers, employees, investors, and others is delivered consistently across the organization and the world.

Brand Experience Management uses a company’s brand as the foundation for managing all these efforts to ensure a consistent, clear, and relevant brand experience.

Your brand:

Whether you’re a Fortune 100 company, a startup, or a dot com, you have to have a viable business. Brands are the emotive expression of that business. It’s what makes it relevant and believable for each audience—internally and externally.

It’s the quality of that experience that can differentiate you and build loyalty and favorability in an increasingly diverse and competitive world.

  • Identify Audience Needs
  • Learning Discussions — Facts & Intuition
  • Learning Research
  • Communications Reviews & Assessment
  • Competitor Analysis

If we understand, we can then articulate the foundation of the brand. The brand foundation is the quintessential tool for defining the unique spirit and character of your company. It is the touchstone for evaluating and developing all of an organization’s activities, communications strategies and tactics.

If you have a great idea, it will need a great expression. Powerful ideas brought to fruition through potent and consistent communications create the tangible, emotive connection to reach and resonate in the minds of all an organizations audiences.

However, such is the potential power of brand communications, as with anything of true power, is that unless managed with intelligence and care, they can be as detrimental as they could be beneficial. Be true to your brand. Bring it to life. Make it appropriate… Make it compelling… Make it clear…

  • Brand Strategy Development
  • Naming
  • Brand Identity Creation
  • Brand Structure: Architecture & Hierarchy
  • Messaging
  • Communication System Development
  • Environment Experience Branding & Design
  • Electronic Media & e-Commerce Strategy
  • Website Strategy and Development
  • Social Media Integration
  • Advertising — Traditional and New Media
  • Design System Documentation
  • Ongoing Brand Identity Management & Assessment
  • MarCom Planning & Implementation

If your brand is alive, it must grow.

Some grow coincidentally, never achieving their full potential. Truly successful companies achieve long-term prosperity and credibility by actively caring for and managing their brand experience over time. We create the infrastructure, tools and ongoing processes for ensuring the brand adapts and grows with the environment and marketplace in which it lives.

  • Build Brand Management Tools
  • Infrastructure
  • Training/Workshops
  • Periodic Identity & Communications Reviews
  • Success Measurement

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