Elevation Surveyors

Elevation Surveyors is one of London’s leading firms of Chartered Building Surveyors.

Seeking more significant market share and differentiation from their competitors, they hired us to work with them to create a new brand with a new name. A comprehensive peer audit showed that the industry was very turgid and dense in how surveying companies connected with their audiences and clients. We saw a great opportunity to create something more contemporary and engaging with a ‘simple is smart’ approach.

Working from our positioning of ‘taking surveying to the next level’, Elevation was born. Drawing inspiration from a related discipline’s visual aesthetic, architecture, we created a contemporary, elegant logotype and design system. As a secondary branding device, we used the customized ‘A’ letterform to connote precision, accuracy, and upward movement.

We also put together a team of simplified writing experts to work with Elevation to make their survey reports and communications far easier for their clients to comprehend and understand.

The identity was applied across their communications, including designing and developing a new website.

Acting on our recommendation, we are currently working with them to create an additional option for their clients to receive an online version of their survey reports for a top-level overview of the report findings, giving people the ability to review the information any time of the day and when ‘on the go’ and share it with anyone they choose. They will be the first company in the industry to offer this deliverable.

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